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I was sucked back into a fandom that I was involved in (somewhat) about a year and a half ago though -- you guessed it -- an RPG (What a surprise). In consideration of a particular character in said fandom and how the person who plays said character in our RP might be amused to read this, in my infinite mediaeval geekery I hunted down one of the articles from an independent Scottish news/history/culture website I used to frequent daily. 

First Foot - Scotch Mythed: King Arthur

Maybe we do know the 'secret history of Arthur', now that I think about it.
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I had an amusing moment the other day playing an MMORPG by the name of City of Heroes. The game just recently added not only a dual blade power, but weapon customisation (so that I could select a rapier and main-gauche) and a few actually good hairstyles for male characters. So after four years of waiting and hoping for some game -- any game -- to allow for it, I was finally able to recreate one of my most beloved of RPG characters. Oh, let me tell you, there was much rejoicing the day Issue 11 went live to the servers.

At any rate, I decided that I'd accept the offer of a pick-up team, and at one point as we were letting our characters regenerate health and endurance, (CoX's version of MP or SP) the other players and I were sharing just how happy we were that Dual Blades had finally been added into the game. I mentioned that I had been waiting for years to create the character I was playing and that he was an RPG character I'd created for more traditional RP. One of the other players asked what system I had been RPing in, and with no little embarrassment I admitted that it was a 2d20 game.

I couldn't help but laugh, though, when she choked after I 'said' that. But I think that's the last time I'll be completely honest about my RP background. And at least I'd omitted the part about it being on Blue Hell.

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