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Figures that I only remember this blog when I have a bad history rant.

I was linked to this article on Women in Reasonable Armour, which makes me squee in delight, since one of the things that annoys me is a lack of accuracy in lieu of fanservice. That goes for anything, really... there's a fine line between the Rule of Cool and outright ridiculousness. I should not be seeing panty-flashes in the middle of a swordfight.

But this article in turn linked to this, which then linked to this. Now, the blog itself is pretty objective, and doesn't attempt to draw conclusions from an inconclusive article that dryly observes numbers and begins forming theories, and saying nothing about the combat status of these women. But the comments are just... no. Way to jump to fluffybunny New Age wish-fulfilment conclusions, girls.

I've ranted on this silliness before, but I suppose it bears repeating yet again. (I especially like the almost word-for-word recitation of the debunked myth here, which has further been proven false here as well. Never let reality spoil your dreams)

Yet another women warrior rant, you have been warned )
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Normally I don't go into politics for reasons that I 1) hate politics and 2) feel it detracts from discussing fun things such as sharp, pointy objects. However, I believe this has special merit as this effects re-enactment enthusiasts.

Blackpowder Targeted by New York

Say what?

Now, while it would seem that erstwhile clueless legislator (Yes, I am aware that's redundant) is backpedaling liek whoa, quite frankly, there's no need for this sort of law in the first place. Aside from the fact that such a law is in clear violation of the Second Amendment, the only people who would ever use such weapons are re-enactment groups and the occasional hunter, both of which take great pains in ensuring safety. Does anyone seriously believe some kid is going to simply grab one from Mum & Dad's armoury and load it properly in time for the next MS-13 meeting?

I've often said that proper education is the first step towards eliminating ignorance. A good place to start would be with the lawmakers.
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I read on that there's a mediaeval re-enactment group in Japan: Avalon. When I scanned the headline, I thought it was another group in Japan dedicated to re-enactment of Japan's native feudal period. I never thought there would be interest in re-enactment of the European mediaeval period.

I should have known better. Many Japanese are just as fascinated with various periods of European history just as much as certain groups of Westerners are with Japanese history, certainly enough to permeate some of its own popular culture (Most notably manga and anime that's usually based on it).

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